Membership Eligibility

Honor those serving our country on a daily basis by becoming a member of our veterans club at American Legion Post 32 Livonia MI in Livonia, Michigan. We make sure to give respect where respect is clearly earned.

American Legion Membership Eligibility

Because eligibility dates for Desert Storm are still open, all military personnel serving since August 2, 1990 (including those on active duty) are eligible to join. Eligibility is based on service in the U.S. Armed Forces during the following periods:

• Gulf War / War on Terrorism:  Aug 2, 1990 - Current
• Panama Dec 20, 1989 - Jan 31 1990
• Lebanon / Grenada Aug 24, 1982 - July 31, 1984
• Vietnam War Feb 28, 1961 - May 7, 1975
• Korean War Jun 25, 1950 - Jan 31, 1955
• World War II Dec 7, 1941 - Dec 31, 1946
• World War I Apr 6, 1917 - Nov 11, 1918

Auxiliary Membership 

Women are eligible for membership in the Auxiliary if they are veterans who have served honorably, or if they are the wife, mother, sister, daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter, grandmother, or great-grandmother of an active duty service member or veteran that served honorably during any of the eligible war eras listed above. Step-relatives in the categories above, such as step-mother, step-sister, step-daughter, are also eligible.

S.A.L. Membership

To be eligible, you must be a male descendant, including stepsons and adopted sons, of a member of The American Legion. You are also eligible to join the S.A.L. if you are the male descendant of a veteran who died in service during any of the above-listed war periods, or who died subsequent to his or her honorable discharge from service in any of the above-listed wars.



One of the benefits of being a member of the American Legion is our club room, where we serve foods every day except for Sunday. We conduct ceremonies with local officials to commemorate events in American history, such as 9-11 Remembers and Pearl Harbor Remembers. These hour-long ceremonies include flag posting, and afterwards, we offer refreshments.

Contact us and join the ranks of men and women that have fought for our country by becoming a member of our veterans club.